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New Vintage Place is located in historic American Seating Park on Grand Rapids’ west side. In 1922, our building was home to a power plant which contributed its power to nearby furniture factories, with the abundant parking lot outside of New Vintage Place now in place of the former Union High Schools’ football field. Today, the building is home to New Vintage Place and your high-energy events.
The building maintains its original architecture, which has landed it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places and the Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation Excellence. With the original 150 ft. smokestack from the power plant still standing tall today, this has become a visual landmark for the historic west side and New Vintage Place clients. The smokestack also doubles as a cell tower.
A much-needed transformation to the area began when American Seating Co. partnered with Pioneer Construction in 2001. Together, the two companies turned the abandoned factories and power plant into the thriving mixed-use urban campus consisting of apartments, residential condominiums, office, and education spaces it is today. Finally in 2015, the last piece of construction was completed, giving you New Vintage Place.

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